About us

  • We are team of 30 people that creates IT tools dedicated to support the energy transformation for over 8 years .
  • Over 40 projects we successfully completed for partners such as PSE S.A., ENTSO-E, LitGrid and 50Hertz .
  • We develop and market innovative tools and conduct R&D, based on the solutions that we have created at Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA) that is a part of National Centre for Nuclear Research .


  • The team that makes up Enercode today has been dealing with challenges in the field of optimization in Energy and IT sectors for over 8 years, operating within the Interdisciplinary Department of Energy Analysis (www.idea.edu.pl), which is part of the National Center for Nuclear Research. During this time we have completed over 40 projects, which were both implementation and consulting for partners such as PSE S.A., ENTSO-E, LitGrid or 50Hertz. The innovative solutions developed over these years contribute significantly to the energy transformation, both in Poland and Europe throughout integrating renewable energy sources in the National Power System or increasing the efficiency of European energy markets.
  • As part of the TOP500 MNiSW program, we learned the best patterns of cooperation between science and business, incl. at Stanford University, USA. As a result, in 2019, we established Enercode Sp. z o.o. Its aim is to accelerate the transformation by offering innovative solutions to a wide audience. The basis for cooperation is a license between NCBJ and Enercode enabling technology transfer.