Low-carbon and self-sufficient energy systems require diversification of sources and activities to ensure a stable supply profile. We offer analysis and optimization of the energy mix based on dedicated tools for modern energy systems. We advise on business models and legal solutions for planned investments in electricity, heat and other energy carriers. We provide comprehensive economic, technical and regulatory solutions for distributed generation in Poland.

Asset management

Operational and strategic energy balance management. Within the scope of the balance management service we provide systems for forecasting, control and communication with smart-grid and smart-building energy resources. Our systems enable cost optimization and security for buildings and areas powered by RES, co-generation and equipped with energy storage.

Regulatory and technical advice

Legal solutions in Poland and worldwide are changing dynamically. We provide expertise and solutions in the areas of:

  • support systems (FIT, FIP, auction system, …),
  • issues in the areas of energy markets and flexibility services,
  • prosumers and energy communities (cooperatives, clusters),
  • PPA and direct line
  • Network and system charges (power market, certificate system)
  • network regulations IRiESP and IRiESD (connection conditions, technical requirements for installations)
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