Planet Earth is running out of time. 25% of plant and animal species are at risk of extinction due to human activities[1]. The 1.0°C global warming threshold has been exceeded [2].

We believe that local action is the key to addressing global change. Through thoughtful use of local resources, we can change the structure of the energy mix, reduce smog and CO2 emissions increase local business participation, and spur innovation.

That's why we provide world-class solutions and analytics that enable intelligent energy infrastructure planning and management at every level: business, household, community, or local government.


  • Create conditions for sustainable energy development for the good of humanity and planet Earth.


  • Acting through technological and organizational innovation to provide cost efficient, secure and environmentally friendly energy solutions.
  • Providing tools and objective analyses for governments, businesses and society to build awareness of political decisions for society and planet Earth.
  • Looking for the synergy between science, business and politics.
  • Creating the organization whose working culture helps people to both (I) stay highly committed to the mission and (II) have fun.
[1] The global assessment report on BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES
[2] Summary for Policymakers