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The energy transition is a challenging process for many reasons. Planning the transformation of a municipality, cluster, industrial plant or even a single building requires detailed knowledge of investment planning, economics, technical and regulatory aspects for energy and heating. Zefiris an advanced advisor which combines science and learning from many areas and presents a solution for an optimal future.
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The Visualizer gives you the possibility of a more attractive graphic representation of your key data. It will perform data aggregation so as to present data in the form you need. You decide what type of data you want to visualize. You can use predefined templates or build your own views.
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Thor is a tool dedicated to predicting generation from renewable sources such as photovoltaics and wind farms. The tool uses meteorological forecasting data and historical generation data. The scope of forecasting can cover single installations or their area aggregates. For each installation or area a dedicated forecasting model is built.
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Large Scale Energy

Large Scale Energy Process management in large-scale energy requires on the one hand advanced analytical and visualization tools, and on the other hand having the ability to adapt them to the needs of the organization. Team experience developed, among others in relations with PSE S.A., 50 Hertz or ENTSO-E will address your needs by creating intelligent solutions that guide your organization through the transformation process. Visualizer The tool provides Transmission and Distribution Network Operators with spatial visualization of key technical and economic data in the field of transmission, distribution and production of electricity.
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Distributed Energy

Distributed energy requires a comprehensive process approach ranging from planning, through investment implementation, to its management. We offer support to our clients at each of these stages.
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Chronos® maximizes your profit and stabilizes the performance of your energy assets. Monitors and controls your sources of flexibility and helps you to build a short-term purchasing strategy in the energy markets (72h). Comprehensively analyzes the operating status of the system, taking into account both the electricity sector and the heat sector.
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