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Manage your generating units, energy storage, active demand.

Chronos® maximizes your profit and ensures stabilization of operating parameters of your energy resources. It monitors and controls your flexibility sources and helps you build a short-term purchasing strategy in the energy markets (72h).

Comprehensively analyzes the operating status of your system including both the electricity and heat sectors. Automates and facilitates the management of, among others, storage, heat pumps, generators and other flexible resources.

Supports you in investment decisions and operational work. Based on Chronos forecasts you know what to expect and in which market to trade.

More information at www.echronos.app

Unique features

Complex prediction

We have harnessed advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast prices on the TGE market, the balancing market, your unit generation and customer demand. All this to give you the most accurate data possible to make decisions.

Optimal control

We do not compromise in control. Algorithms of mixed-integer linear programming will give you information how to control your resources in order to realize your goals. You have confidence in the quality of your strategy.

Flexibility of the solution

Modular architecture allows you to customize the tool to your needs. We will adapt the modules to your needs within days, not months. You pay for exactly what you need and you get it on time.

Process of transformation planning


For whom

Chronos is designed to serve aggregators, energy clusters, power cooperatives, trading companies and anyone else who wants to manage their assets efficiently.


Whether you need a comprehensive tool to manage your units or just one of its modules (e.g. a price prediction module for a specific market), we will deliver a high quality solution in a relatively short time frame.