Distributed Energy

Distributed energy requires a comprehensive process approach ranging from planning, through investment implementation, to its management. We offer support to our clients at each of these stages.

Plan - Zefir

Energy transformation is a challenge for many reasons. Planning transformation of an area such as a local community, microgrid, industrial plant or even a single building requires knowledge in the areas of investment planning, economic, technical and regulatory aspects for energy and heating. The Zefir tool is an advanced consultant who encapsulates knowledge from many areas and presents a recipe for an optimal future. As a result, the client gets a cost-optimal investment plan with the assumed environmental goals.

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Manage - Chronos

Modern distributed energy sources are often renewable sources, characterized by variability and partial unpredictability of energy production. The Chronos system is an autonomous source controller that works with user energy meters. The Chronos system, based on its own forecasts, generates control signals for generating sources and warehouses minimizing costs or maximizing profit for shareholders. will charge and unload energy storage at optimal times as well as advise the manager of a more complex system on how to plan the work of their units. The system also takes into account applicable regulations in the area of distributed energy and allows you to manage and invoice newly emerging projects such as energy clusters or energy cooperatives.

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