Large Scale Energy

Process management in large-scale energy requires on the one hand advanced analytical and visualization tools, and on the other hand having the ability to adapt them to the needs of the organization. Team experience developed, among others in relations with PSE S.A., 50 Hertz or ENTSO-E will address your needs by creating intelligent solutions that guide your organization through the transformation process.


The tool provides Transmission and Distribution Network Operators with spatial visualization of key technical and economic data in the field of transmission, distribution and production of electricity.

In the field of energy production, the tool enables the presentation on the map of Europe (or for any defined zones) of such parameters as: energy price, energy balance, energy production. The tool presents the value for each country or zone and colors the countries according to the selected color scale, thus creating a cartogram. At the same time, it presents the color scale of the cartogram and a graph of the data presented for individual countries. Additionally, energy flows between zones can be visualized. All data is presented for the selected time segment. The user can also enable the animation of visualized parameter changes over time.

In the field of transmission and distribution of electricity, the tool enables visualization of the energy flow on the so-called critical network elements (CNE) e.g. transmission lines or transformer stations that are associated with cross-border energy exchange. The flow shown is decomposed into subcategories and zones responsible for the given flow. The tool allows you to select CNE on the map of Europe and then display the flow data. The user can select individual flow sub-categories so that countries that affect the flow are visualized on the map. A cartogram is created in this way, where the color intensity of individual countries depends on the size of the country’s impact on selected flow subcategories on the selected CNE. By selecting several subcategories, the values on the map are summed up according to the selected options.

The tool is used in the processes of the Polish Transmission Network Operator - PSE S.A. as well as for the needs of ENTSO-E.


Thor - is a tool for predicting energy output from renewable source like wind and PV farms as well as consumers demand. It utilizes meteorological prognostic data and generation data (both current and historical) to build and train a dedicated predictive model. The scope of forecasting may include individual installations or area aggregates.

Thor uses open source libraries and the IDEA/NCBJ own’s library for feature engineering to build and train a prognostic model. Simplicity and the ease of configuration enables OZEp to fit into the client’s needs according to local circumstances without loosing quality of the final prediction of the energy generation.

An example of a comparative analysis of the results obtained for the prediction of RES generation with reference results such as linear regression, random trees and random forests.