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Visualize your energy data, get the information you need to make decisions.

Visualizer gives you the possibility of more attractive graphic representation of your key data. It will perform data aggregation so as to present data in the form you need. You decide what type of data you want to visualize. You can use predefined templates or build your own views.


Unique features


With layers you are able to build the exact view you need. The basic set of layers is predefined, additional layers can be defined by yourself.


Need to understand how parameters change over set periods of time, or perhaps to impress your customers? Our animation module will visualize the data according to your guidelines.

Automatic cartograms

Need to express parameter values with colors, or perhaps arrow size, or font size? An automatic cartogram system will adjust the views with a minimum of effort on your part.

For whom

For those entities that need spatial visualization of key technical and economic data within the scope of e.g. electric energy transmission, distribution and production.

In the area of energy production, the tool allows, for example, to present on a map such parameters as:\ energy price, energy balance, energy production and any other user-defined parameters.

The tool is used in the processes of the Polish Transmission System Operator - PSE S.A. as well as for the analyses performed by ENTSO-E.