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Tool for energy transformation of municipalities and companies

Zefir system enables users to plan the optimal energy transition for a given energy community (for example, city, district, microgrid, company or country) with one click. Prepared energy transition plan, for example, a plan for replacement of heat sources, increasing the penetration of RES leads to a reduction of dust emissions and greenhouse gases harmful to health in a cost-effective manner. Zefir system uses advanced calculation methods and automatic data acquisition and analysis presented in a dedicated graphical application.​

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Unique features

Cross-sector solution

Electricity, heating, cooling, public transport and waste management holistic planning.

Policy design

Possibility to automatically generate tender documents and monitor investment proces according to local or central policies.

Investment process

Zefir produces a recommendations and detailed information on the tenders that need to be held which are the basis for starting the investment process.

Process of transformation planning


Historical overview

Initial motivation for Zefir is clean air in every municipality. Now extended for companies to reach their environmental goals.

Founded by National Centre for Research and Development (Poland) within „Gospostrateg KlastER” project.

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Authors: Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses that is a part of National Centre for Nuclear Research.

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First deployment successfully done for one of most polluted Polish municipalities: Żywiec and Zawiercie.

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Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)

In many cases, national policies require municipalities to produce SEAP to access EU funds directed for increasing renewable’s participation and reduce air pollution.

Zefir system is capable to assist in creating SEAP by automatizing technical and economical calculations, requiring advanced analyses. It can produce objective results, accessible at the local and easily monitored from the central level.

Projekt współfinansowany ze środków Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju w ramach programu badań naukowych i prac rozwojowych „Społeczny i gospodarczy rozwój Polski w warunkach globalizujących się rynków” GOSPOSTRATEG, umowa nr Gospostrateg1/385085/21/NCBR/19